Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Journal 5

The last stage is to evaluate the portfolio's effectiveness in light of its purpose and the assessment context. In an environment of continuous improvement, a portfolio should be viewed as an ongoing learning tool, and its effectiveness should be reviewed on a regular basis to be sure that it is meeting the goals set. To improve the blog, I must invite more audiences to join in discussion and share their views in it.

My Journal 4

This stage is unique to the blog because of the capability of the software to create hypertext links between documents, either locally or on the Internet. At this stage, create hypertext links between goals, work samples, rubrics, and reflections. I post some useful link about reading.

My Journal 3

This stage of the electronic portfolio development process usually precedes evaluation reviews. In the formative portfolio reflections typically occur at significant points in the learning process, and are added contemporaneously as noted in the previous stage.

My Journal 2

This stage of the electronic portfolio development process occupies the longest span of time. I am sorry that i do it in the last minutes so that it runs only a week. Lucky, my lovely students, collauges and parents are very supportive.
After knowing which goals or standards, I tried to determine the types of portfolio artifacts to be collected and then selected. Select the software development tools most appropriate for the portfolio context and the resources available.

My Journal

In this first stage, I have toidentify the assessment context, including the purpose of the portfolio. Identify the goals to be addressed in the portfolio. I think the goals must be clear and easy so that students can follow. This important step sets the assessment context and helps frame the rest of the portfolio development process.